Tuesday 22 September 2009

Blood's a Rover Day

According to Wikipedia, James Ellroy's Blood's a Rover is released today. Why is that of interested to Crime Scene NI? Well, Ellroy is Stuart Neville's favourite writer. See what Stuart had to say in his CSNI review of the conclusion to the American Underworld Trilogy.

Also, Ellroy will do an Irish launch for the book at the Waterfront in Belfast (another top class No Alibis event) where Stuart Neville will interview him on stage. Better get yourself sorted with a ticket soon. Check out this post to find out how.


adrian mckinty said...

You could do a lot worse readers than buy this book. Its in my top three of the year.

You do value my opinion, right?

What do you mean no?

Ach suit yourselves go get the latest Dan Brown for all I care.

Stuart Neville said...

Blood's a Rover is a great novel, best of the year for me, and one of the best of Ellroy's career. It's not out here until November, but when it hits, everyone should get along to No Alibis (or indeed, the Waterfront, where it will also be for sale) and purchase it without hesitation.

Gerard Brennan said...

There you are, folks. Take heed of the above recommendations from two of the best crime fiction writers I know.