Thursday 25 January 2018

Disorder on Kindle (et al)

Oi! You know that book I wrote? No, not that one. DISORDER.

Aye, well you can get it on your Kindle now. And on other e-readers, I believe. I haven't checked because I don't have those kind of e-readers. But sure, have a hoke about the site if you're into Apple Books or whatever.

Here's a wee blurb for it, in case you need convincing:

"Tommy Bridge is on a mission. A Yoga mat, his Buddhist teaching and a Glock, his main weapons of choice. Tommy has had a tough time as a Cop. Now he has a clear and definite purpose. Deal with a local crime Kingpin and he may just achieve some sense of redemption.

Patricia, “Dev”, Devenney, Tommy’s partner. Made from more traditional stock. All Dev wants is for Tommy to be at peace with himself…hopefully keeping him alive along the way.

Clark Wallace, the Kingpin. Clark has values, traditions, honour- unfortunately, none of them are really traits that normal folk would adhere to. Clark is like a bad nightmare in technicolour and this movie is about to go into 3D.

Jimmy McAuley. The student. Failing at University. Soaring with the Weed. Quite simply, Jimmy is in the wrong place at the wrong time - stoned and about to learn a harsh life lesson. Hopefully he can pass this exam.

Grace Dornan. The reporter. Grace knows what her Prize should be. The only problem for Grace is that she may let the “truth” behind this grand saga be the last thing she seeks."

Sounds like a cracker, so it does. Grab a copy and see what you think, ye rocket ye.