Tuesday 25 September 2012

Riding through this world...

So, last week I read Iain Parke's HEAVY DUTY PEOPLE, watched the first episode of SONS OF ANARCHY Season 3 and discovered the NI web series, THE CLANDESTINE. Three different forms, three very different approaches to the subject matter and three fine ways to spend a little time.

You can try one of the three right now. All it'll cost you is seven minutes of your time.


Thursday 13 September 2012

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Writer Man -- Sockpuppets Suck!

Yes, I'm very late weighing in on the whole 'sockpuppet' thing, but in my defence, I've been working on my MA dissertation. And maybe it is all old news, but I feel like it still deserves some sort of official CSNI statement. So, yeah... rather than write yet another 'sockpuppet' blog post, I figured I'd do this.


Thursday 6 September 2012

Belfast Reading at Crescent Arts Centre

Belfast writer, Tara West, is reading from her second novel, Poets Are Eaten as a Delicacy in Japan, at the Crescent Arts Centreon 7 September, 6.30pm. 

Be there or be quare disappointed.

This is an awesome novel (CSNI review impending) and I'm really looking forward to the event, especially since I missed the last two book launches I wanted to attend. Shout-outs and apologies to Declan Burke, John Connolly and Louise Phillips.