This page is intended to make it easier for you to track down my books. You can also stay up to date with my writing by following me on Twitter (@gerardbrennan).

My self-published books are available through my Author Central pages: and .com

Currently, those books include my novel, Wee Rockets, and my novellas, Wee Danny (a Wee Rockets Novella) and The Point. Breaking Point (novella 2 in the Point series) will follow soon.

Welcome to the Octagon (part of the Jack Tunney Fight Card Series) is available here.

Two of my novels (Undercover and Fireproof) will soon be available for purchase through Endeavour Press.

If you want signed paper copies of my books No Alibis in Belfast is always a good bet.

You can also contact me directly, but Dave at No Alibis will probably give you a better deal.

And if you have any trouble with links (sometimes they break), please do let me know, and I'll fix them ASAP.


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