Sunday 22 January 2017

Ian Sansom's Latest

[Insert preamble about being behind on my reading here]

[Insert claims that 2017 is a good year to catch up on reading]

[Get to the point]

Did you know that Ian Sansom had a new book out? I've known for over a week, and I'm only telling you now. Sorry about that.

I have been reliably informed that this novel is available from all good bookshops. It's definitely stocked by the greatest bookshop, a shop that nurtured this series in more ways than one.

And we're getting close to payday.

Get thee to No Alibis and buy a book by my favourite genius, Ian Sansom:

Essex Poison (The County Guides)

About the Book:

October 1937. Swanton Morley, the People’s Professor, sets off to Essex to continue his history of England, The County Guides. Morley’s daughter Miriam continues to cause chaos and his assistant Stephen Sefton continues to slide deeper into depression and despair.

Morley is an honorary guest at the Colchester Oyster Festival. But when the mayor dies suddenly at the civic reception suspicion falls on his fellow councillors. Is it a case of food poisoning? Or could it be murder?

Join Morley, Miriam and Sefton on another journey into the dark heart of England.