Thursday, 3 September 2009

Jack on the Box

Oh hell, yeah! Got a snippet of info on the new TV series based on Ken Bruen's Jack Taylor novels. The Irish Film and Television Network website has released news of a 13 part series based on the novel The Guards. The pilot (running time 90 mins) will be broadcast on the 1st November. It'll be shot on location, in and around Galway City. The cast is still to be announced.

For info on the production company involved et al, have a shufty here.


seana graham said...

I do hope this will get over our way somehow.I suspect it will be kind of luck of the draw.

Alan Griffiths said...

Great news Gerard. I’m a huge Ken Bruen fan and hope that this series reaches the UK at some point. Congrats by the way on CSNI, a great site, and good luck with all your writing projects. Regards.

Gerard Brennan said...

Seana - Fingers crossed, eh?

Alan - Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. Good luck to your kind self, and please do call again.


MysterLynch said...

Former WIRE star Dominic West will be playing Taylor.

seana graham said...

It is much more likely to get over here then.

There were some complaints abroad on some blog I was reading last night that he was too young for the role, and all I can say is, whatEVER.

I'd watch Dominic West in anything.

MysterLynch said...

I can understand comments West is too young, but he is a great fit.

Bruen is quite pleased with the casting.

seana graham said...

If Ken Bruen is pleased, that's pretty much all that counts.

For those who don't know West, you can get a pretty good glimpse of him over at Carte Noir, where he and two other actors have been hired to read passages. He's very good, and though the coffee thing is kind of silly, don't tell them, as the readings are quite worthwhile.

I had known he was British already, but it was still a shock to hear him without an American accent for the first time.