Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Web Slinging

It’s been a very long time since I paid any attention to my writing website, Truth be told, I’d kind of cut it loose, as my buddy and web-design-guy has been promising me a new look internet presence that’d be “the envy of writers everywhere!” But then he got mad busy with work that people pay him to do and suddenly the prospect of a tray of Carlsberg wasn’t making his priority list. So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been chipping away at the content in my present site. If my mate gets time to breathe in the near future, I’ll be needing the words to go with his new design anyway.

The bulk of the work has been put into the Literature section of the site. I’ve added a bunch of more recent stories. You’ll find:

Tales from the Sweety Bottle

These stories first appeared as a series in the Andersonstown News at the start of 2009.

King Edward

A slice of Norn Noir that first appeared on Christopher Grant's A Twist of Noir in November 2008.


This little flash fiction piece is the opening tale from POSSESSION, OBSESSION AND A DIESEL COMPRESSION ENGINE; a chapbook written by me with much editorial help from Mike Stone.

Hard Rock

Hard Rock first appeared in issue 29 of ThugLit. My wife called me a sick bastard after she read it. Says it all, really.


The story of an office creep -- one of my old school horror tales.


This story first appeared in the August 2008 issue of Verbal Magazine. It's one of my personal favourites.

Read the online versions here. They’re all free, so what have you got to lose?

But just so this post isn’t all about little old me, I thought I’d draw your attention to another blog I’ve been enjoying for the last week or two. Lou Boxer’s NoirCon blog has run some cracking material. The first post to have caught my eye was this very detailed look at what Ken Bruen has been up to in the past few months movie-wise. And today I took a little time to read some thoughts on what makes a story Hard-Boiled or Noir. It’s good stuff, folks. Bookmark it forthwith.


Neil Mount said...

Well done Gerard, takes a lot of effort keeping a website updated and looking forward to reading your free stuff!

That NoirCon site is very interesting too, thanks for the link.

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks, Neil. I've been a bit slack to date, but I'm catching up now.



marco said...

They’re all free, so what have you got to lose?

Minutes! Minutes of my life who could have been proficuosly spent blabbering on blogs which noone will give back to me!


Seriously, the new ones ... Temporary is a bit of variation of the one you had published in that erotic/horror zine, Bloodbath is a nice funny piece, but I'm glad I've read Bouncer for last. I loved it. Very touching.

Btw, I recently bought Bateman "Divorcing Jack" and Bruen "Cross"

Gerard Brennan said...

Marco - Thanks for taking the time. Joking aside, those minutes are precious.

I'm delighted you enjoyed Bouncer. It's one of my personal favourites and I some day I'd like to revisit the characters for a longer piece some time in the future.

Hope you enjoy the Bateman and the Bruen. I haven't read Cross yet, but I'll get to it soon. I've read nearly all the other Jack Taylor novels that came before it. Divorcing Jack... what can I say? It's a modern classic.