Tuesday 1 September 2009

Stuart Neville, a Star and Still Rising...

Wow! Ahead of the official release date of The Ghosts of Belfast (known as The Twelve in its UK publishing form) Stuart Neville has received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, snippets of which I’ve pasted below.

'With this stunning debut, Neville joins a select group of Irish writers, including Ken Bruen, Declan Hughes and Adrian McKinty, who have reinvigorated the noir tradition with a Celtic edge... This is not only an action-packed, visceral thriller but also an insightful insider’s glimpse into the complex political machinations and networks that maintain the uneasy truce in Northern Ireland.'

For the whole Publisher's Weekly review, click here.

But that ain’t all. He’s also just announced what must be a dream come true. When JAMES ELLROY comes to Belfast in November, Neville will interview him on stage. (I've told you about that event, haven't I? Well, I'll be mentioning it even more now, as I've my ticket in a secure place and I'm guaranteed a seat now.) I’d be sweating a little at the prospect of interviewing the Demon Dog of American Literature, but maybe Ellroy, a huge boxing fan, will warm to Neville’s ‘pugilist’s build.’

So, congrats to Stuart Neville on all his successes. I just have one question for the guy. What the hell are you going to do next, man?


seana graham said...

Nice post. I'm glad you've got a ticket to the event. You can report how it goes.

As for Ellroy, I'm thinking his bark may be worse than his bite. In any case he wrote a very gentle, moving piece about the death of his friend's daughter in Newsweek this month. It is sad, though, so you should be prepared for that if you read it.

Stuart Neville said...

Seana, I just read that piece, and it's devastating. Dear God, it's devastating.

It's a pity some moron of a commenter at the Newsweek site had to somehow try to make it relate to the Obama healthcare row.

seana graham said...

I read it in the print edition, so didn't get the health care link, but even so, I wasn't prepared for its content, which is why I hesitated a bit to post it.

Nevertheless, I think it rounds out Ellroy's bad ass image a good deal, which is important, especially when you're reading a book like Blood's a Rover. Which is a tour-de-force, but boy is it a tough one.

I'm about halfway through The Ghosts of Belfast and am really enjoying it--not to say that it's subject matter is exactly what you'd call easy either. Have no idea how things are going to end up for Gerry Fegan, so don't spoil it anyone.

Congrats on the great press and the Ellroy opportunity, Stuart. As for the last, I bet you'll do just fine.

adrian mckinty said...


SN is the MAN!

Prediction: five years from now we're all going to be working for him in some capacity.

seana graham said...

Wait a minute--I thought that in five years we were all going to be working for Gerard in some capacity. This starts to sound like too many bosses.

(No offense, gb and Stuart.)

Stuart Neville said...

Gerard will probably offer better pay and benefits because I'm a tight git.

seana graham said...

I don't know if anyone will be offering benefits in five years time. But he would be able to at least throw in martial arts lessons as an enticement.

Gerard Brennan said...

Adrian - Seana's right. I'm meant to be boss-man.

Stuart - We'll work something out, yeah?

Seana - Thanks for having my back.

Cheers, all.