Thursday 16 July 2009

Pics and Stuff From No Alibis Events

The latest No Alibis event I attended was Adrian McKinty's Fifty Grand launch on Wednesday the 8th of July. Just over a week ago now. In fact, this time last week, I was nursing a slight hangover.

Like last year's Bloomsday Dead launch, McKinty decided that an actual reading from the book wouldn't be all that impressive in itself. Having read Fifty Grand, I'd have begged to differ. But anyway, McKinty instead told us the story of his visit to cuba and how it birthed the first 100 pages of Fifty Grand. Then he got a bit of a Q&A on the go. And that was excellent! Most of the discussion centred on libel laws and he may or may not have slandered a few people, but I can't quite remember that.

After that he signed a bunch of books, including some spanking reprints of Dead I Well May Be and The Dead Yard in the lovely new Serpent's Tail editions for my good self. And while I queued for my signature I got talking to McKinty's charming mother, aunt and sister. Three wonderful ladies who have actually read my blog!

But the night got better and better, as I joined McKinty, Colin Bateman, Stuart Neville and David Torrans for a few jars after the event. It was a surreal experience for a fanboy like myself, but a bloody enjoyable one too.

Here's a few pics from that night and also a few from the John Connolly and Stuart Neville event that I never got around to posting. And if I can figure out how to upload it, a little video of Stuart Neville. Apologies for the quality. I'm not much of a photographer and I took all the pics and the video with my phone.

Adrian McKinty chatting to the crowd.

Colin Bateman and Adrian McKinty.

Stuart Neville, Colin Bateman, A little bit of Columbo and Adrian McKinty.

John Connolly reading from The Whisperers.

John Connolly signing a copy of The Lovers for a fan.

A short video clip of Stuart Neville.


adrian mckinty said...

Interesting that John Connolly is the only one of us who isnt a specky git. They must have those laser surgery places down in Dub.

Thanks for the pics Ger. Glad to know that I wasn't the only one nursing a hangover.

But did you have 6.30 flight in the morning? I think not mon frere.

Gerard Brennan said...

Right enough... I thought glasses were part of the uniform.

No flight, no, and I got to sleep in until 8am, which was nice. But I did end up traipsing around Belfast zoo with my missus, the kids and an awful dose of the beer-sweats the next morning.


marco said...

Nice pic of Neville and the two elderly gentlemen.

adrian mckinty said...

Ok thats it, next time you're up for office I'm playing the whole ageism card.

Josephine Damian said...

Glad you FINALLY recovered from your hangover and posted these! lol Thanks!

Gerard Brennan said...

Josephine - Yup, it's been a bit of a struggle, but no worries. :)


seana graham said...

Thank you, Gerard. Although I'm sorry that there isn't a picture of you there for the historical record. And I'm not sure that it's really on to take away Adrian's moment in the sun by showing pictures of the guy who bested him for that sexiest Irish crime writer prize directly after. Still, I think we were spoiled for choice in that contest.

Gerard Brennan said...

Seana - You're right! I hadn't considered the sexiest Irish crime writer award. That wasn't very sensitive of me. Typical Irish male.

Of course, seeing as McKinty's a typical Irish male too, he won't have twigged on to this... until he reads your comment, anyway.