Thursday 26 June 2008

Jumping The Gun

I posted some amazing news a few days ago, claiming that I'd landed my first novel publication. At that point I'd seen a contract that needed a slight alteration and was waiting to meet with one of the editors from the publishing house to sign the final agreement. I had asked if it was okay to start spreading the word and got the go ahead. And some lovely folk gave me lots of praise and encouragement. Thanks, guys.

Unfortunately, at the 11th hour, the whole deal fell through. We'll call it a result of creative differences. So, it's back to square one for my little manuscript.

I've had a day to get over the shock of it, and I'm fine now. This post isn't intended to be a complaint. I'm just informing all you good people who took the time to comment that things aren't quite going as planned.


Uriah Robinson said...


So sorry but I am sure things will sort themselves out and they will take back that Ferrari you ordered.
best wishes

Gerard Brennan said...

SHITE, indeed.

Thanks, Norm, for that perfectly appropriate reaction.


colman said...

chin'll happen, mate

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Ger. You'll find that there is a reason for everything. Soon you'll be signing copies and boring the knickers off us all!!!
sam millar

Gerard Brennan said...

Colman - you better read it when I do!

Mr Millar - Great to see you here, as always. I look forward to that signing (but keep your knickers on). Thanks for dropping by.


Josephine Damian said...


10+ years ago, I was "thisclose" to a film deal for my screenplay. Told everyone, and suddenly had lots of new "best friends" - then the deal fell through. All my "friends" went away.

I've learned the hard way not to get my hopes up about anything, and not announce anything till a deal is done, and to my liking.

So many blog friends have gottten agents, and were thrilled, only to find out the agent or editor wants them to make drastic changes. And they do. And they're miserable.

Better to walk away than accept something unbearable. Lessons learned, my brother, lessons learned.

I know it doesn't seem that way now, but this is for the best. You'll see.

Stuart Neville said...

I'm really sorry to hear this. I missed your first announcement, so didn't get a chance to congratulate you while it was due. I'm sure you're gutted. The one sure thing I've learned in my limited experience of publishing so far is that it's all about fit; the right author, with the right agent, with the right publisher. So Guildhall wasn't the best fit for you and your book - another publisher will be.

Gerard Brennan said...

Josephine - Thanks. I'm now pretty sure that something better will come of it. How are things going with the screenplay now?

Stuart - Yeah, I was gutted, but since I picked myself up and sent out a new wave of queries/submissions, I'm feeling pretty good. It's crap that it's going to take longer to see it in print, but it is going to happen.

But enough about me!

Saw your piece on Crime Always Pays. It reminded me that I must email you about a wee interview.