Friday 13 June 2008

The Friday Project - Father's Music by Dermot Bolger

Declan Burke, thon ragamuffin from CAP alerted me to this project, spear-headed by Patti Abbot. Seems like a just cause. So, feast your eyes on the latest CSNI offering.

This week's choice cleverly coincides with Father's Day weekend. I'm wild smart, aren't I?

Father's Music is a book that may slip under most crime aficionado's radar's as Dermot Bolger is better known as a literary novelist. However, this offering is crime fiction through and through. I read this years ago; not long after I discovered Colin Bateman and Joseph O'Connor, in fact. I thought it was a real cracker, but it's not fresh enough in my mind to do it justice review-wise. Luckily, that geezer Critical Mick has written a great review of it. Go read it. Bet you're intrigued.

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