Monday 23 June 2008

Rumour Millar

It's been too long since we last mentioned Sam Millar, and although Crime Always Pays scooped this info on Sunday, (while I was rubbing sleep out of my eyes and considering a life without drink, no doubt) here are some reviews for Mister Millar's BLOODSTORM.

“Bloodstorm is a classy, on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller. Relentlessly violent, it may be, but nevertheless delivers - in bloody spades - what it tells you on the cover. A sure-shot hit from Belfast’s most controversial writer…”

Sunday Life

“Sam Millar’s latest book Bloodstorm is a gripping, disturbing read shot through with elements of dark humour. You will find yourself still reading at three in the morning not wanting to put the book down except to go and check that the doors and windows are really secure. What Millar is clearly very good at is telling a story and in doing so he creates set piece scenes which will stay in your head for years to come.”

Ulla’s Nib

“Bloodstorm is a first in a series of books by best-selling and award-winning Belfast author Sam Millar, featuring anti-hero and Belfast private investigator, Karl Kane as the leading protagonist. It is classic crime noir, and has to be the freshest and most original piece of writing to come out of Belfast in years. The book is peopled with characters straight out of a Cohen Brothers movie and is a gripping, disturbing read…”

UTV, Book Review Club

So there you have it folks. If you're one of the ten people left on the island who've let BLOODSTORM pass you by, shame on you! Why haven't you read this book yet? Word on the street is, Karl Kane is back early next year in BLOODSTORM's flollow up, The Dark Place, so get a copy of part one in preparation for it.

Also, Albedo One, the genre fiction magazine from Dublin are running an interview with him. If you've a spare couple of yoyos you can download the PDF for a shuftie. It's got a bloomin' nice cover (right) hasn't it?

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