Wednesday 2 April 2008

A Wee Bit of Publicity

This article appeared in the Down Democrat this week. Pretty Snazzy, eh?

Click on the image to enlarge it. It's a little rugged because I had to convert it from PDF and I'm no expert at the aul computering craic. The hard-copy looks dead swish.

Me ma's gonna be dead proud.


Anonymous said...

That's great -- congratulations to you. Hope your mother is indeed proud! I am really enjoying your blog, being a crime fiction addict. Trouble is, I keep picking up recommendations of yet more great books to read....sigh... All best

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks a million for stopping by, Maxine. And extra thanks for the kind words. I have that problem myself. Since I discovered Mr Burke's CAP and then began reading the high quality blogs he links to I've had to seriously up my book-reading time. I'm a bit hassled, but mostly glad.