Thursday 10 April 2008

Good Friday Agreement - 10 Years Today

The Good Friday Agreement was signed in Belfast on the 10th of April 1998. Ten years later and there's no denying that Northern Ireland is a much different place. It's been a while since we mentioned Sam Millar, but as his book was selected by Eason and The Belfast Telegraph to mark the anniversary I thought I should link to the most recent review I've found. So, here's Catherine McGrotty's review of Bloodstorm.

And they're giving away eight signed copies of the book! You'll find the answer to their question on this very blog. Go on, it won't take long to find the name and send the email.

And while you're on the Verbal site, you may as well see what they had to say about Brian McGilloway's Gallows Lane.


Michael Stone said...

Thanks for the tip-off re. the Verbal competition. I knew the answer, just hope I wasn't too late.

colman said...

ditto Michael's comments,

fingers crossed

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike, Colman...

Good luck.


Michael Stone said...

I WON! The book arrived unannounced this morning, signed by Sam the Man himself.

Whale oil beef hooked!

Gerard Brennan said...

I say!

Colman won a copy too! Tellin' ye boys. Stick with me and you'll do well. Or at least get an opportunity to win another book sometime.