Wednesday 30 April 2008

More Meme - Six Random Facts

I got tagged for this one twice. Blame the bossman at Crime Scraps and that pesky GV round Crime Always Pays way.

It goes like this...

Link to the person that tagged you.

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Write six random things about you in a blog post.

Tag six people in your post.

Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Let the taggee know your entry is up.

And here they are...

1. I like corned beef and cheese toasties.

2. I can easily pass half an hour in the shower just standing still and thinking about... well, nothing really.

3. I have five tattoos and plan on getting more. The only thing holding me back is a lack of funds. The first one I got reads "Made In Ireland" and the others are a mix of Celtic and Tribal designs.

4. I probably enjoy cartoons more than my three-year-old daughter does. Certainly more than my one-year-old son who has no interest in TV at all. He prefers to break things.

5. Crumbs on a kitchen table or countertop really bug me. Crumbs in the bed are grounds for divorce.

6. I don't tag people after finishing a meme.

And so, I tag no-one. I'm an outlaw, baby! Though, please feel free to post some random facts about yourself as a comment. No obligation to do it, but who am I to deny you an opportunity to share?


colman said...

1. I have a Scottish terrier called Jim.
2. My claim to fame is that I once got bitten by a Luton Town players dog, when I knocked on his door for an autograph.
3.My birthday is actually St. Colman of Cork's feast day.
4.My sister cried when she was told she had a brother as she wanted a rabbit instead.I don't think our relationship has ever really recovered.
5.I have one tattoo of a shamrock and an English rose, which was an anniversary present from my wife, who has a similar one.
6.My family says I have deformed feet as my second and third toes are longer then my big toe.

Gerard Brennan said...

I can always count on you, Colman. cheers, sir.

Hope you and your sister mend that rift eventually. Maybe you could meet her halfway and become a vegetarian?


Anonymous said...

1. I'm addicted to movie trailers.

2. Salad dressing disgusts me.

3. I miss my apartment in Paris.

4. We built a hard top bar in my dorm room freshman year.

5. I tried to fly when I was five and ended up breaking a tooth.

6. My wife and I met at a Halloween party.

Gerard Brennan said...

Excellent stuff, Jerry. Ta for stopping by.

An apartment in Paris? Man, you've done the things!