Thursday 24 April 2008

The Big O - US Cover Revealed!

Now would you look at that! The head honcho over at Crime Always Pays has shared his new Harcourt US edition cover for the release of his novel, The Big O. Am I jealous? Yes I am. Mighty impressed too. It's a beauty, isn't it? Raise a glass to the man and have a look at this blurb and some early praise.

Karen’s easy life as a receptionist and armed robber is about to change. Rossi, her ex, is getting out of prison any day now. He’ll be looking for his motorcycle, his gun, revenge, and the sixty grand he says is his. But he won’t be expecting Ray, the new guy Karen’s just met, to be in his way. No stranger to the underworld himself, Ray wants out of the kidnapping game now that some dangerous new bosses are moving in.

Meanwhile Frank, a disgraced plastic surgeon, hires Ray to kidnap his ex-wife for the insurance money. But the ex-wife also happens to be Karen’s best friend. Can Karen and Ray trust each other enough to work together on one last job? Or will love, as always, ruin everything?

From a writer hailed as “Elmore Leonard with a harder Irish edge” (Irish Mail on Sunday), Declan Burke’s THE BIG O is crime fiction at its darkest and funniest.

Advance Praise for THE BIG O

“One of the sharpest, wittiest, and most unusual Irish crime novels of recent years . . . Declan Burke is ideally poised to make the transition to a larger international stage.” —John Connolly, bestselling author of THE UNQUIET“

Part hard-boiled caper, part thriller, part classic noir, and flat out fun. From first page to last, The Big O grabs hold and won’t let go.”—Reed Farrel Coleman, author of SOUL PATCH

“Faster than a stray bullet, wittier than Oscar Wilde and written by a talent destined for fame.”—Irish Examiner


Anonymous said...

It's a great cover artwork-wise, but isn't it a bit of a spoiler in itself?

Declan Burke said...

Don't be like that, Maxine - ask too many questions and you'll force Gerard to go and read the damn thing ... Gerard? Mucho gracias, amigo.

Gerard Brennan said...

Maxine... um, no comment. But please stop by again! I'll be able to answer that soon enough.

Declan... ahem. It's on the must-buy list. Honest. Have to admit though, I'm tempted to wait for this edition.