Monday 23 November 2009

No Alibis Event - Jack O'Connell

From the No Alibis newsletter...

Jack O'Connell
Wednesday 25th November at 6:30PM

Attendees of our Evening with James Ellroy, and followers of the excellent Crime Scene NI will be aware that we have Jack O'Connell lined up to appear at the store. Now, we're pleased to invite you an evening with the man, to celebrate the UK launch of his fifth novel, THE RESURRECTIONIST, on Wednesday 25th November, at 6:30PM.

Described as a "cyberpunk Dashiell Hammett", Jack O’Connell is the author of five critically acclaimed novels, which have earned him something of a cult status. His work has been praised by James Ellroy, Neil Gaiman, Katherine Dunn and Jonathan Carroll, among others.

Another fan, George Pelacanos (author of The Night Gardener), wrote, “In [his] remarkable books, Jack O'Connell has riffed on language, fire-cleansed genre conventions, and stripped the artifice from the modern noir novel, creating a body of work both exciting and entirely original.”

The author lives with his wife and two children in Worcester, Massachusetts.

ph. 02890-319601


Stuart Neville said...

I'll definitely be attending this one - I've been looking forward to The Resurrectionist for ages. I missed the Bateman event cos I was sick, did anyone else catch it?

Gerard Brennan said...

Stuart - I was at the Bateman launch. I intended to write about it here (and still might) but I've been on a semi-hiatus blogwise for the last few weeks. Hoping things will pick up steam again next week. I've plenty to write about, just not much time to write it.

Anyway, the Bateman launch -- he rocked, as always. And Dave said one of the pieces he read on the night was his 'most grotesque, in a good way'.

Pretty cool.