Thursday 19 November 2009

Snatched from the NoirCon Blog

A Picture of Ken Bruen drinking Carlsberg lager while Ann McCabe enjoys what looks like a spritzer.

I feel vindicated! Peter Rozovsky will understand my delight.

For more cool pics and an inside scoop on one of this year's Bruen screen projects, visit the NoirCon blog.


seana graham said...

I see what you're saying, Gerard. Carlsberg lager may well be the drink of the gods. Listen to no one who tells you otherwise. Including me.

marco said...

It's not that I have something about Carlsberg drinkers: the poor, misguided creatures have always been with us, and must be treated with kindness and respect.
It's when they start to flaunt it...

Gerard Brennan said...

Seana and Marco - I tried to drink Budweiser on Saturday night. Carlsberg is definitely nicer.

I've become quite partial to Guinness since I hit my thirties, though. Especially since I found out it's not as calorific as most lagers. Who'd have thunk it?


seana graham said...

I have the sad tale to relate that I did not really like Guinness at the time I went to Ireland. My sister kept getting me to try it in different places, all to no avail. But then as soon as I got home, I was drawn to it in nostalgia for the trip, and then started to like it, and now drink it quite frequently. I know it's not as good over here, but it's still pretty good in a few places around town. Or so it seems to my admittedly inexpert taste buds.

marco said...

Budweiser? You pervert!

An Irishman should only drink Guinness (which is very good and not particularly strong) otherwise he should be rightly called a traitor to the nation.
As I told Seana and Adrian, recently I went to a bar where they had a nice dark stout homebrewed in Genova. So I tried it and said to my beer buddy "there's a gorgeous, tasty dark stout, better than Guinness" and he replied "Oh, I don't like Guinness". I felt my heart sink.

my v-word, walaby, is a litle kangaroo

Gerard Brennan said...

Seana - To be honest, I'm more likely to drink Guinness from a tin than a tap. I'd be delighted to drink Guinness in Santa Cruz, because I'd be in Santa Cruz, like.

Marco - I'm afraid I've always been shamelessly promiscuous with my beer brands. But I do like Guinness.

Stella gives me a wild headache every time, even if it's only a couple of tins/pints.

Harp is... meh.

Tennants is pure pish.

Carlsberg seems to hit the spot more often than not...

But in honour of this exchange, I'll drink only Guinness and or Pinot Grigio next weekend. Tesco probably have a sale on.



seana graham said...

Uh oh. I'm not sure the tins were a good thing to admit to among the connoiseurs, Gerard.

Yeah, I have the occasional Guinness at an Irish pub here called The Poet and the Patriot. I am sure the name has historical significance but other than supposing it has some violent political incident behind it, I don't know what it is. Neither, I'm sure, do most of the patrons.

A few of us go there and read Finnegans Wake together, if you can credit that. Safe to say that more people come there for the darts and the big screen television than Irish related literary events, though.

Peter Rozovsky said...

Well, the glass says "Carlsberg"; I'll give you that much. And perhaps I should not give Gerard so much grief for drinking beyond borders.

I remember a Italian television commercial for a brand of tea. The commercial had two Italians walking around London telling the locals about this brand of tea from "la giĆ¹," or "down there," i.e., Italy.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"