Tuesday 28 July 2009

Janey Mac I Just Turned Thirty!

It's been quiet around here, and that's because I've spent a long weekend saying good bye to my twenties. Yup, hit the big three-O, which would suck if I was a footballer or a rent boy, but since I'm nearly a writer it seems to be a good thing. Thirty's young in this profession. Maybe people will take me more seriously in the publishing world now.

Anyway, enough about me. I've been remiss in not mentioning Rob Kitchin's new blog, The View from the Blue House. Rob's also a writerly type and has sent me his novel The Rule Book, and if Critical Mick is to be believed (which he is) then I'm in for a treat when I finally get to it. So, consider this my belated welcome to the blogosphere, Rob.

Another new blog I've noticed is Galway Print, Neil Mount's new blog. Neil has recently set up a publishing company and has released a book I'm very eager to read. Go here to read a sample chapter or two of Barbelo's Blood, courtesy of Dec Burke.

Reviews and whatnot of TOWER, and three post-Celtic Tiger novels set in Dublin to follow in the next few days. But while you're waiting for that, skip over to Busted Flush Press and have a gander at a very good interview with Reed Farrel Coleman.


Peter Rozovsky said...

And to think that I knew you when you were a bad-tempered wee shite of 29. Happy birthday.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

marco said...

which would suck if I was a footballer or a rent boy

Those would have been considerate career choices. And after 30 you could always have published a juicy memoir which would have sold like hotcakes.
Hope you had a few pints. For someone whose family owned a shebeen, you seem a very moderate drinker. Did someone pull your ears thirty times or enforce some other potentially violent birthday tradition?

Happy 3-0.

seana graham said...

Now that the other possibilities are gone, pressure's pretty much on for the writing gig, isn't it?

Happy birthday. I'm betting the thirties will be very good to you.

Gerard Brennan said...

Peter - You'd hardly feel the time go in, would you?

Marco - Yeah, I probably drink less than most of my relatives, but did push the boat out at the weekend. My missus booked us a weekend away and organised a babysitter for the kids. I parked the car up and drank pretty steadily for three days. Ate some great food too! Back to reality now, though.

And thanks to staying away I escaped the dreaded bumps, which is when the birthday boy is tossed into the air by a team of well-wishers thirty times (if you've turned thirty). Never heard of the ear-pulling thing before... intriguing.

Seana - Alas, my options have indeed been limited. So I'll have to work even harder, now! Thanks for the kind betting!



Stuart Neville said...

Sorry to have missed this milestone, Mr. Brennan. Just remember, it's all down hill from here...

marco said...

Ear-pulling is an Italian tradition...dreaded by schoolchidren, because their pals are very enthusiastic about it, and you generally end up with red, long, sore ears.
The bumps sounds fun, provided they catch you back every time.

Neil Mount said...

Yep, as Stuart says.. all downhill Gerard.. brakes failing.. headlines dimming.. fuel in tank getting lower.. bits falling off.. haha

No it is great really.. honestly.. wisdom don't you know!

Thanks for mentioning my fledgling blog by the way. Early days but I am enjoying it, except for the sensation that I talking to myself mostly!

adrian mckinty said...

You realized you've peaked now dont you. Look I'm exactly 10 years in your future and I'm telling you its bollicks.

Mind you Jesus only got going at 30 didnt he and he did ok for himself. Well apart from the whole violent death thing.

Uriah Robinson said...

Happy 30th Birthday! I remember it well in 1974 the world was in a real mess. Not much changed there then, but the very best wishes for your thirties, enjoy them.

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, folks. I think I may have accepted that I'm at my peak now.


Neil Mount said...

Hey Gerard, don't mind anything, people (inc me) talk rubbish!

My old dad hit 90 this year, still gardens every day.. got his pilots licence at 67... (no we don't let him do that anymore) and writng his first book now..

30 you say?

Gerard Brennan said...

Neill - Life in this young pup yet, then, eh?