Friday 13 March 2009

Twitter Transmitter

I'm trying to keep things cutting edge here.

You can find me on Twitter now. And with the help of Mack Lundy, I figured out how to feed my mini-posts into the sidebar here at CSNI. My plan is to use Twitter to make mini link-type updates (the kind of thing I usually forget to collect and blog about) and record knockout lines from whatever I'm currently reading. So keep an eye on that sidebar gadget. I'll consider this a trial period, so if you have any suggestions about the mini-posts or Tweets (cheer, Peter), then please drop a comment.

Oh, and check out these kind words about CSNI from Keith Rawson. The guy's a saint.


Paul D Brazill said...

Well, Keith's spot on, as usual...I can't be doing with twitter,though. I'm on it- I think- but I'm such a technophobe that when someone tries to explain how to use it I get one of me heads...'Hard Rock's' Smashing BTW.

Michael Stone said...

If Twitter or Tweets or whatever they're called means getting more CSNI-related info then I'm all for it. I wonder if you could do an omnibus edition every few days i.e gather them together into a 'proper' post. Or would that be too much like reheating old news?

marco said...

Cutting edge- a pic pun- Adrian will love it.

By the way, I've read your profile on Twitter,dear devilishly handsome writer....

Gerard Brennan said...

Paul - Good to see you hear. Thanks on both counts, mate.

Mike - You know, that's a very good idea. I think I'll try that out, see how it goes.

Marco - Thanks! And you know what they say; if the hat fits...

BTW one of those knives is called an Italian Stiletto. Love that name.



seana graham said...

I expect that Twitter would be the end of me, but that's because I have no self-control. I'll still watch your Twitter Feed in the sidebar with interest.

adrian mckinty said...

I do love it.

I'm not on twitter though as I dont have a mobile phone. Its something to do with phones, right?

I listen to the Mark Kermode reviews on Simon Mayo though and they're always banging on about twitter. It seems to be very popular.

marco said...

Last night I was out for a reunion with friends from my old Amnesty group- some of them I still see frequently, others now live elsewhere and I see more rarely
It appears the reunion was prompted by facebook- turns out I was the only one who had to be contacted through primitive means like telephone. They told me basically I'm the only one in the province who hasn't yet joined.
(not that I couldnt have guessed- every bar in my hometown has its own "friends of" facebook group, even the old ladies who make cakes for the church have one)

Since I felt so backward and primitive I told them "nah, Facebook is too dispersive, I' m thinking of joining twitter" and I've silenced them for a while.
Later one of the girls said to me she uses the same technique at work with Ibrahimovic- when her colleagues start debating soccer she says something like "I don't think Ibrahimovic looked very sharp in the last match" they nod in agreement and she feels she has contributed to the conversation without betraying her complete lack of interest.

v-word: Luton, which makes me think that someone must have finished his diet and earned his vacation...

Gerard Brennan said...

Seana - so far it's taken up very little of my precious time. I'll keep you updated on it, though.

Adrian - I think there's a facility to post to Twitter using your mobile, but that's not the only way. The other similarity to texting is that you only get 140 characters to say what needs to be said. I had a go at setting up my mobile but it didn't work first time around, so I left it. I'm just posting straight from the website. That'll do me for now.

Marco - Nice diversion. And only one person spotted it for what it was! Of course, you can't shit a shitter can you?

You know, I thought our Colman was lying low lately. You might be right on the holiday front. Wonder how he's faring. And if he opted against the Speedos.



Peter Rozovsky said...

I don't remember if I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I inserted a line of code that automatically uploads to Twitter introductions and links to my blog posts. That's a good way to get my site out there without spending tons of time Twittering.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Gerard Brennan said...

Peter - Is the code still intact? I follow you, but I haven't seen these DBB tweets.


Peter Rozovsky said...

Thanks. I'll investigate the code issue.