Monday 9 March 2009


My thoughts are with the families of the murdered and injured in the horrific incident that took place at the Massareene army base in Antrim on Saturday night.

For obvious reasons, I don't usually go into politics on this blog, but I think today I can make an exception. Reason being, this is a statement that anybody in their right mind can agree with (though some may put it more eloquently):

Fuck the Real IRA.

I can only hope that it is made clear throughout the world that these dissidents are not supported in the mainstream. I can't imagine what manner of headcase would lend support to those who want to drag us back to the dark times, but if you're out there, fuck you too.


adrian mckinty said...

It looks like they struck again on Monday night. Who are these people who look back to the Northern Ireland of the 70's and 80's with nostalgia?

And I like the fact that in their statement they said that the Polish pizza delivery man deserved death because he was a "collaborator."

Gerard Brennan said...

Adrian - Yeah, I've been listening to the reports from Craigavon this morning. First cop killed here in 10 years. Nobody's claimed responsibility yet, but it'll be one of these fuckwad IRA splinter groups no doubt.

Aye, British collaborator from Poland bearing pizza. That's just inspired, isn't it? I'm sure that's exactly why he brought his family over to NI. For the politics.


Uriah Robinson said...

I'm with you on this Gerard. I can't imaging how terrible things were in Ireland during the Troubles.
I heard two of the London IRA bombs from a distance of around a mile away [Chelsea Barracks Sept 1981 and Sir Michael Havers House, Wimbledon Nov 1981] and it shakes you up and you never forget the noise.
We can't go back to those terrible times.
Keep safe.

Gerard Brennan said...

Norm - Thanks, sir. I really appreciate the sentiment. I'm lucky in that most of my experience of the Troubles is blurred because I was too young to fully understand it. And I want it to stay that way. Especially since I have kids now.



Josephine Damian said...

Oddly enough I heard the news from a former British soldier I play chess with online. Interesting to hear his perspective on the attacks.

Just hope you all stay safe since I doubt these will remain isolated incidents.

What trouble will St. Patrick's Day bring?

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks, Josephine.

Let's hope Paddy's day only brings the usual spate of drunken brawling (which I'll be avoiding), and nothing else.