Saturday 20 September 2008

Blog Love

Some might see this as a bit of back-patting between mates, but those people can feck off.

Did I grab your attention? Good, let's continue.

My mate, Mike Stone, has written a few kind words about CSNI on his Live Journal. Me and Mike originally came into contact when he edited my story, Pool Sharks, for the Badass Horror anthology which was released back in 2006 (though we did all the work in 2005). After that, Mike suggested I join, an online writing workshop, to help me smooth out some of the rougher edges in my writing style. I learned a lot in the time I spent at, but mostly because Mike submitted a critique to every story I posted there. The guy knows his stuff.

Anyway, like I said, Mike is a mate, but he's not the sort of person to blow smoke up any sort of orifice. Mike's honesty played a large part in the improvement of my writing, and to this day I'm confident that he'll always be the type of friend who puts the truth before my feelings. For that, I might want to slap him for that from time to time, but luckily the Irish Sea separates us, and I'll always cool down before I can jump on the first Easyjet over to England. So I was chuffed to read how much he approved of this little project of mine.

That said, thanks, Mike!


Michael Stone said...

*bows low* You're very welcome, mate. I tells it like it is and I likes this place.

adrian mckinty said...

What a second, isnt this whole post just back slapping between mates?

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - Cheers, man.

Adrian - Feck off.


adrian mckinty said...

thats a verbal ass kicking for me Father Ted style.

Gerard Brennan said...

Adrian - Yeah. Man, I miss that show.

Maybe I should buy the dvd.

Ach, go on, go on, go on, go on....

You get the picture.