Thursday 25 September 2008

Something Special's Bruen

Yesterday I read of the feature adaptation of Ken Bruen's Blitz at Crime Always Pays. And the story popped up again at Crimespree Cinema. This sounds bloomin' fantastic to me. Especially since I very recently learned what a cool chap Mister Bruen is when I emailed him for an interview. The news originates from Variety Magazine:

Elliott Lester has been tapped to direct "Blitz,"the feature adaptation of Ken Bruen's police thriller, for Lionsgate U.K., Donald Kushner and Brad Wyman.

"Blitz" centers on a serial killer who's aiming for tabloid immortality by executing cops in southeast London.

So, I'm a little late throwing my two cents in. But I can offer somthing new. An email from the Galway gent himself confirms the rumour Dec Burke has gleefully spread as true. Jude Law will indeed play Brant. And shooting will begin in February 2009.



Michael Stone said...

OK, it looks like I'm going to have to get acquainted with Mr Bruen's work. I'll feel like I'm missing out otherwise.

So, where do I start? Any recommendations?

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - I'm not the best to answer this, because I'm quite new to his work, but the first Bruen book I read was Priest, the fifth in the Jack Taylor series. I was absolutely stunned by the style of writing. It's hard to explain, but it's like he knocked his pan in to make the whole thing flow as easy as a conversation. It just oozed experience and skill.

So I'm going back to the start of the Taylor series; The Guards is next to the next on my reading list.

Maybe that'd do ya?

I suspect Adrian will have some good recommendations to add here. Soon as he gets out of bed, like. Stupid timezones.


Anonymous said...

Start with The Guards, 1st Taylor book. then go for a white arrest, 1st of the Brant books, and look out for a similar character in the Taylor books.
Great news about a possible film, but Jude Law is NOT Brant. this always happens with film adaptations, actors are not the picture you have in your mind, but Brant is a hard, bent cop. to quote Mr Bruen 'R&B...Brant was the darkest Blues' Sorry, i think Jude Law is wrong for the part.
Allen McKay

Michael Stone said...

Thanks, Allen. The Guards and/or White Arrest it is then. Although I've just seen the collected White trilogy on Amazon and that looks quite a bargain.

Expect a review in due course, Gerard. It won't be for a while though, my TBR pile currently stands at 35, and that's not counting the... lemme think now...five, six, no SEVEN books on the way from Amazon or ordered through my local bookshop. *gulp* Hadn't realised it was so many. It's all your bloody fault!

Gerard Brennan said...

Allen - Good man yourself. Ta for bringing your Bruen knowledge to the fore.

It's a pity Law doesn't fit your visual image, but maybe his profile will a higher level recognition to the books, which Mister Bruen so rightly deserves.

Mike - I'll take that review, but I won't take the blame for your bibliophilia. That's all on you, brother.


Anonymous said...

i agree that Ken Bruen should get as much attention as possible, maybe Jude Law will do that, he may surprise me, lets wait and see....

Also i should have said that after reading The Guards and A White Arrest you should then proceed to everything else in print by Mr Bruen, he is that good, but very dark, you are not in for an easy ride with the Taylor books, very black, just like the great drink... i did not see the end of the dramatist coming....