Thursday 13 March 2008

Bateman at No Alibis

Tonight I got to attend (Colin) Bateman's book launch for Orpheus Rising. There was free beer, but I had the car with me and it's still lent, so I had a healthy glass of mineral water. I also had the pleasure of listening to Mr Bateman read from the manuscript he finished today! How up to date am I? The newest one sounds a cracker, but until it hits the shelves, I've a signed copy of Orpheus Rising to keep me going. Can't wait to get stuck into it.

As he was signing my book, the man himself told me that he'd seen the new blog and thought it was a great idea. How do you like them apples? Um, Mr Bateman didn't say the apples thing, that was me acting smug. Did it come across okay?

I also picked up a signed first edition hardback of Brian McGilloway's Borderlands. It's a bloody great shop that No Alibis on Botanic Avenue, Belfast. Get yourself in there and buy some cool new books immediately!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report on the event, amigo! I'd loved to have been there. From what I hear No Alibis is a treaasurehouse akin to the Murder Ink that we have here in Dublin.

I've been impressed by the three Bateman novels that I read, though my attempt to meet the man himself was a humiliating disaster. ( )

Cheers again!


Gerard Brennan said...


Great article/interview! Thanks for sharing. And yeah, Mr Bateman's productivity is quite staggering, isn't it?

Orpehus Rising is his 21st book. So, I reckon you should go read the 18 you've missed. No Alibis has tonnes of them. You could get the train. Botanic trainstation is only across the road.

Cheers yourself


Anonymous said...

Despite a tottering to-be-read pile, you've snared my interest in this new Bateman book. I want to know where the bloody great fish comes into it!

And I've just picked up Murphy's Law on your say-so. I'll do a review if you like?

Great site. Keep her lit.

Gerard Brennan said...

Hiya Mike

Yes please. I'd highly appreciate that review.

And I've just read where the bloody great fish comes into it on my lunch break. I think you'll enjoy it's appearance. Your kind of... humour?


colman said...

I had the car with me and it's still lent..........don't you mean borrowed?
you've know no chance as a writer unless you brush up on your grammar! beer and you turned it down, very impressive

Gerard Brennan said...

Yikes, I'll have to watch out for that grammar!

Telling you, though. T'was not easy to turn it down, but I did. Must be growing up or something. *shudders*