Saturday 22 March 2008

Sam The Man - Millar Topping The Charts

News just in.

Sam Millar's Bloodstorm went straight in at number 3 in today's best-sellers (Source: Belfast Telegraph/Easons).

Easons have said that it will probably top the list next week because of new sales coming in.

And he's still impressing the critics.

“Acclaimed Northern Irish author Sam Millar has delved yet again into the murky depths of his imagination and come up with Bloodstorm, a dark thriller set in Belfast. It resembles its predecessors in its brutal language and bleak, darkly comic undercurrents. And in the fact that it’s hard to put down.

Bloodstorm is powerful and unsettling writing, that seeps into your bones like Belfast rain. As a Belfast native, it gave me quite a buzz (and sometimes a shiver) to recognise the various landmarks, speech patterns and self-effacing humour of the city and its inhabitants. Recommended reading by the NI Tourist Board this is not, but as a straight-talking crime thriller, it’s at the top...”

Shelley Marsden, The Irish World, London

I'm five chapters in and already agree with Marsden. "
...brutal language and bleak... darkly comic undercurrents"


Anonymous said...

Great interview last week. What Millar book would you suggest starting out with?

Anonymous said...

Best start with his best-selling memoir, On the Brinks, if you can get a copy. Be warned: signed copies are going for £200 on ebay, so avoid that place like the plague!!!
For his crime novels, start with The Redemption Factory, then Darkness of Bones, followed by his latest, Bloodstorm.
All great stuff. Bloodstorm is causing a sensation, here in Ireland, at the moment.

Gerard Brennan said...

Hiya, Jerry. Hiya, Joe.

Looks like you got your answer there, Jerry. Sounds like a plan to me. I'll just mention that Bloodstorm is the first of a series featuring Belfast PI Karl Kane. From what I've read of Bloodstorm, the series will contain some gritty and dark adventures.

And thanks a million for weighing in, Joe. You obviously know your stuff. Hope to see you about the blog in the future.


colman said...

I'll try and start at the beginning, but being a bit of a cheapskate I cant see any of Millars books on ebay........bit like rocking horse pooh

Gerard Brennan said...

Hi Colman

I've used this site before and had no complaints.

Abe Books

No sign of On The Brinks, but the rest of them are there.


colman said...

cheers Gerard.
I'm away for the week.Snowdon for 5 days with the family, I'll dig when I get give you the full SP on McKinty which I finished this morning

Gerard Brennan said...

Okey dokey, Colman

Have a nice holiday.