Friday 21 March 2008

Good Friday

Just want to say thanks to all the well-wishers, pimps and writers who have made the first couple of weeks of blogging for NI crime fiction a real treat. In such a short time, the blog has attracted close to 600 views and I've been in touch with a heck of a lot of writers and prolific bloggers, all willing to lend a hand in making it what it is.

Special thanks to Declan Burke at Crime Always Pays for encouragement and multiple shout-outs.

Also, fellow bloggers for linking to the site and commenting - Norm, Pete, Karen, Rhian, BV, Mike Stone, Colman and Critical Mick.

And the writers who've been kind enough to take part so far (in some cases their posts are pending or they've simply wished me luck), Sam Millar, Brian McGilloway, Tony Bailie, Adrian McKinty, Jason Johnson and Colin Bateman.

If I left you out, sorry. Just nudge me and I'll fix that.

Happy Easter, if that's your cup of tea, or have a great weekend, if it isn't.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter & a great weekend to you too!

Will add a link to your fine site when I get around to a major overhaul on mine. It might even happen this weekend...

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks very much!

Looking forward to checking out the new layout.