Sunday 30 March 2008

Bloodstorm - Whipping Up a Media... Well... Storm!

It seems that Sam Millar can do no wrong as far as the critics are concerned. Here's the latest buzz about his recently released book, Bloodstorm.

“Irish author, Sam Millar’s writing has been compared to Nick Cave’s. His books are as cheerful as a Leonard Cohen song on a wet night. It's easy to see why. Millar is prime-placed to write the dark and disturbing crime novels that he does because in his past he has visited some very dark places indeed. His latest tome, Bloodstorm, keeps well within that dark tradition with a heart-stopping thriller…a relentlessly dark, page-turner of a book…”

The Village Voice, New York

“Bloodstorm is a disturbing, page-turner of a book, keeping you on the edge of your seat right to the very end. Highly recommended for those with a strong stomach…”

Belfast Telegraph

“From the very first line to the last, Bloodstorm grips your hands and refuses to let go, taking you on the darkest, scariest ride of your life. This is a compelling story of revenge and murder with an original voice worth dying for. Those with high blood pressure should avoid Bloodstorm – and indeed all of Millar’s books. The rest of us can only wait for the next one to arrive…”

Irish Herald, San Francisco

Belfast crime-writing giant, Sam Millar’s controversial new book, Bloodstorm is the first in a new series of crime novels. This is not a novel for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach, but those with a strong stomach and a penchant for crime novels are advised to pick it up, for a taste of a true, Belfast original.

The book opens cinematically, pulling no punches, warning of the darkness that lies in wait for the reader who carries on from here…this is an ambitious and gripping piece of work and Millar lays the groundwork here for a series which looks set to be addictive. Roll on the sequel.”

Catherine McGrotty, Verbal Magazine

You can read an interview with Mr Millar conducted by Verbal Magazine here.

Mr Burke the Grand Vizier over at Crime Always Pays scooped this article last week, but I'll get the next one first! He's bound to lose a little energy to the brand new Princess Lily. Congratulations, Dec!

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