Friday 31 October 2014

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe (read by me)

Happy Halloween, folks.

Ever since the Homer Simpson version in one of the Treehouse of Horror episodes, I've wanted to have a bit of fun with this poem. I didn't do many takes (I think this one was take 2), because a bit of quiet space is hard to come by in our busy household. So, forgive the sound quality. With a little more time and peace, maybe I can do better. We'll see next year.

For now, have a listen:

The image is my own tattoo. This was done by the fabulous Gigi McQueen of Timepiece Tattoo.


Somerset Wedding Girl said...

Fantastic, your delivery really does the poem justice! 'Quoth the raven, nevermore!'

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks, SWG! Very kind of you.

Good luck with the wedding business.