Thursday 27 November 2008

A Noir Original? Me? Really?

It’s been a good self-promotion week. Allow me to bask...

Just two days ago, Stuart Neville described my short story, King Edward, as an example of Norn Noir. I’ve no argument with that at all. I think it’s a killer tag. Noir fiction from Norn Iron. Cracker. There were more kind comments at the story’s venue, A Twist of Noir, and an actual (quite positive) review of it on Eastern Standard Crime. This all pleases me.

And speaking of Noir, a couple of submissions I made to Allan Guthrie’s Noir Originals have passed muster and are now available on the site. Click here to read my interview with Adrian McKinty, and click here to read the first chapter of Piranhas; the post-Troubles crime fiction novel I’m trying to house right now.


Michael Stone said...

The interview with Adrian was really very good. It's made me itch to read the 2nd Mike Forsythe novel. I think I've waited long enough since Bk 1.

I'll have to get Hidden River and Orange Rhymes with Everything too.

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - Yeah, go on. It's a cracker.

I still haven't got Orange Rhymes with Everything yet. I must see to that. Hidden River's a scorcher, though.


Anonymous said...

I’ve seen fans and the odd person of slightly dubious sanity enjoying a wee bit of banter with you in the comments section

You've hurt my feelings.
As soon as I figure out which form of armed or unarmed combat suits me best,I'll challenge you to a duel.

Anonymous said...

I've decided:a beer endurance contest and optional game of darts.
With the experience of fake-Irish pubs I've acquired in my wasted youth,it's probably neutral ground.

Gerard Brennan said...

Marco - I was going to assure you that you weren't one of the odd people, but your challenge intrigues me. Swap that game of darts for a game of pool and you're on.