Tuesday 4 November 2008

We Need to Talk About Devlin

If you're in the Lisburn area on Thursday night, here's something you might consider doing.

And while we're talking about Brian McGilloway, I figure you might like a wee peek at the cover for the third in the Inspector Devin series.

It's a beauty, ain't it?


adrian mckinty said...

Very nice cova!

Kinda reminds me of that video for Radiohead's Karma Police. Memba that? Classic.

Would love to go, but Thursday is late night shapping in Lisburn and those biscuits arent going to buy themselves.

Gerard Brennan said...

Adrian - Yeah, I remember Kharma Police. Cracking track. Came out in the same year as their Paranoid Android vid, which was well odd, but fairly stuck with you.

Late night shapping. That's right! How'm I goin tae get parked?


col2910 said...

that's a crap piece of decking....tell him to ask for his money back

Brian McGilloway said...

Cheers Adrian & Gerard

That whole album was fantastic, mind you - Exit Music for a Film was my favourite track. Not sure they ever matched that again.

If I'd known there was shapping to be done in Lisburn, I'd have refused. Choices choices.

Colman - what do you expect? They laid it at night by the light of car headlights for God's sake.