Tuesday 25 November 2008

Publishing Karma & A Twist of Noir

My story, King Edward, is now available to read on the newly established A Twist of Noir. John McFetridge pointed me to this site in a comment to a previous post, and if it's good enough for him...


Where did I leave that cigar?

The thought has no place in this situation. Vinto Feehan is pushing the stubby snout of his .38 revolver into my forehead. Twisting his wrist to grind it into the thin layer of flesh. It hurts just a little more than the wine-before-beer hangover, kicking the shit out of the inside of my skull. My stomach is scraped out from puking, brought on by binge-drinking and stress. I’d been expecting Vinto, you see. That’s why I’d sparked up the cigar in the first place.

You'll find the rest here.

Have a wee read of it, why don't you? It'd make me look a bit popular if you left a comment on the site.


McKoala said...

Aw, gee, then I'm leaving my comment in the wrong place, I'll have to go back there too!

Blogging friend of Stuart Neville's here, just coming over to say that was a great little story and I loved the cigar.

adrian mckinty said...

Excellent read.

Puts me in the mood for a Romeo y Juliet for some reason.

colman said...

Fuck........a story about a potato....I need to check this out...awesome

Gerard Brennan said...

McKoala - Comments like this you can leave anywhere you like. Thanks very much for reading it. Glad the cigar thing worked for you.

Adrian - Cheers, man. Means a lot from a writer like you. Why not spoil yourself, eh? And have one for me.


Gerard Brennan said...

Colman - I hope you enjoy it.

Spuds... you goof.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to check it-
even if my malicious v-word says notanxss

Gerard Brennan said...

Marco - Great! Hope you enjoy it.

Plenty of tanxss