Thursday 3 July 2008


Got me some good news from Northern Ireland Screen. I submitted a bid for funding in redrafting a screenplay I've developed titled The Point. And I was successful! Not only do I get a writer's fee, but I also get a chance to meet with the development team at Northern Ireland Screen for some advice and direction.

After that, with any luck, I'll be able to interest a producer.

Much respect to Natasha Geary and Catherine McGratten of Northern Ireland Screen for the help during the application process.

The Point is a Northern Irish crime caper. Three friends from Belfast, a small time hood, a university dropout and an unemployed waster, move to the seaside town, Warrenpoint. They each have their reasons, chief amongst them being a belief that they'll be smarter than the average Point man. Unfortunately, some very bad decisions see the trio in over their heads when they get caught up in the surprisingly brutal Warrenpoint crime scene.

As an aside, an excellent Northern Irish screenwriter and general cool cat, Spence Wright, gave me a lot of help and advice in the early stages of this project (and I might be calling on him for more). Well, I found this report on Spence's movie FREAKDOG on the Northern Ireland Screen website. A round of applause, please!

P.S. Thanks to Alan McClurg who also read and offered advice on the script.


Michael Stone said...

Whey-hey! I'd call you a jammy bastard, but I know it's more to do with hard work than the luck of the Oirish.

Nice one, mate.

Stuart Neville said...

Congratulations! I know a few natives of the Point. It's an altogether mad place, and a great location for a screenplay. Cool.

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - Cheers, man. I am a little bit jammy though.

Stuart - Cheers. Yeah, I think it's a great location too. The pier shots would look so friggin' good.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Gerrard!

Gerard Brennan said...

Ach, cheers, Rhian. 'preciate it.