Sunday 6 July 2008

Media Frenzy

BBC Radio Ulster's The Book Programme ran a piece on Northern Irish crime fiction on Saturday morning. Naturally, they contacted Colin Bateman to say a few words, since he is the man as far as our wee sub-genre is concerned. But they let their standards slip just a little and let me in too! And you can listen to it anywhere in the world thanks to the handy Listen Again feature on the BBC website. If you're a bit impatient, the crime fiction piece is about 15-20 minutes in. Just forward it on. It's a good show though, so you should listen to it all. Here's a link. It should be available until next Saturday.

And did you get the Belfast Telegraph on Saturday? There was a pretty cool interview with one Adrian McKinty in it. Apparently, if you see him at a lapdance club, he's just doing a bit of research. Unfortunately, I can't find a link to it on the Bel Tel website. Gah!

Here's a picture of it instead.

My wife's camera is pretty darn snazzy, so if you click on the image to enlarge it, it's actually quite readable.


adrian mckinty said...

Thanks for this Ger, and thank you Mrs Ger for the photograph. I will link to the Beeb, although I'm quite prepared for that ball greedy fellow BATEMAN hogging all the air time.

You can read the raw text of my Tele interview here:

Also I noticed that one comment relating to a member of U2 has been removed presumably by the libel lawyers, of whom I have no fear so its printed in full above....adrian.

adrian mckinty said...

Ok, sorry, the address I've given there doesnt link automatically so either you can cut and paste it or just click my name and you'll get my profile which leads to the blog...Now you know how I was the only person in my class to fail computer science...Down with the machines! And libel lawyers! And possums! And (wife drags him off)

Gerard Brennan said...

Tell you what, they can click here for it.

And thanks for providing us with the writer's cut. So now we have a photo of your photo and an easily read version of the interview online. Hah! Was it really that hard, Bel Tel webmaster?

Actually, somebody told me that the Tele don't update their site at weekends, so it might still appear there at some point today.


Peter Rozovsky said...

Shit, it's really depressing that the Belfast Telegraph censored that gentle U2 comment -- for space reasons purely, no doubt. I guess now that Bono is taken seriously, no negative comments are permitted. What a prick. And cheap, too, I hear.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Gerard Brennan said...

Pete - I have an urge to censor you, but I won't, because you're a sound lad.

Disclaimer: Mr Rozovsky's opinions are his own. CSNI take no responsibility for them. No, I am not sniggering!


Gerard Brennan said...

Bloody link woes! Click HERE for the McKinty interview.