Wednesday 9 July 2008

Review This!

Our Adrian McKinty has been very busy on the aul Blogosphere recently. In the less than a week he's informed, raged, philosophised and advised.

The majority of the material centres around a rather snooty review of McKinty's The Bloomsday Dead. Now, you should all know by now, my opinion on Adrian McKinty's novels. No? Well, start by reading my review of The Bloomsday Dead. Or even better, just go buy the entire Dead Trilogy featuring the unkillable Michael Forsythe, and read it yourself. I mean, at the end of the day, it's your opinion that counts. I'm only here to tell you what I like about the crime fiction I've read. If what I say helps you choose your next book, then happy days.

And if you want more than my opinion, try Crime Always Pays, Critical Mick, Detectives Beyond Borders, Crime Scraps, Euro Crime, Petrona, The Rap Sheet, It's a crime! (Or a mystery...) or In Reference to Murder. And there's more out there. Ordinary Joes and Josephines with good taste in books. Forget the snobs. Us bloggers are the wave of the future.


Uriah Robinson said...

OK Gerard your in next year's photo at Crime Fest. I can balance you and Dec at the corners.
Thanks for the mention in such exalted company!

Gerard Brennan said...

Well, now. I could hardly pass up an offer like that!

Cheers, Norm!