Tuesday 3 January 2012

Facebook Cold Turkey

Yesterday was my first day without Facebook for many years. I've been using it at an increasing rate in recent times having around the clock access via my phone, iPod and laptop and it was getting to be a serious time bandit. So I deactivated the account on Sunday night. At first I feared I had done the wrong thing. How much was I going to miss out on? Would my brother and sisters forget I exist? How was I going to know what was going on in the world!?

Well, yesterday I had a lazy, housebound bank holiday and I decided to list the things I did in those moment where I thought, You know, I'd be on Facebook right now if I had an account.

1. I read a few chapters of Stuart Neville's Stolen Souls.

2. I pulled a little more weight in the housework department.

3. I thought about the writing work I have ahead of me this year.

4. I began to face the reality that I needed to get up earlier to cope with my ongoing to-do list.

5. I watched TV with the kids.

6. I put on some music and sang along as loud as I could.

7. I bathed the mancubs.

8. I bathed the puppy.

9. I played an Xbox game for 45 minutes.

10. I watched two and a half movies (Burke and Hare, Super and Limitless).

11. I allowed myself to think.

12. I drank a few beers.

13. I spent a little time on Twitter.

14. I came up with the idea for this blog post.

15. I asked my wife what was going on with everybody on Facebook.


Michael Stone said...

I laughed out loud (I can't quite bring myself to typed lol'ed) at #15.

I didn't realise you were so active on fb, but that's probably because I did the fb cold turkey thing about a year ago. The trouble with the whole networking thing is it's all or nothing. Unless you are constantly checking in you fall behind. And then, of course, when you do have something to pimp you feel a bit of a spammer when you suddenly start to post updates. Swings and roundabouts, I suppose.

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - Cheers, sir! The thing is I didn't really post a tonne of stuff on it. I sort of wasted more time commenting on stuff or just plain lurking. It's just such an easy way to procrastinate. But with only 300 or so friends it wasn't as if I was getting the word out to a huge audience anyway when I did focus on pushing my books.

No regrets.


Smudge said...

Yet your WEE ROCKETS sales slumped to zero overnight, just after you left...

Gerard Brennan said...

Smudge - Dead on.