Sunday 1 January 2012

Wee Rockets Official Release Date

Happy New Year!

I've a pretty good reason to be chipper today. My debut novel, Wee Rockets, has officially been released by Blasted Heath. If you haven't seen it yet, have a look at the Blasted Heath page devoted to Wee Rockets which includes a video, a voice recording of an excerpt and links to purchase it.

And since I'll be killing my Facebook account in a few minutes, I'll probably start posting music vids here. In fact, why wait? Here's a tune that ran through my head quite a lot when I was writing, rewriting and editing Wee Rockets.


Photographe à Dublin said...

Happy New Year.

I never really bonded with Facebook... but then I'm not the bonding kind.

Many congratulations on your publishing success.

Gerard Brennan said...

Thank you! Same to your fine self.

Aye, pretty good start to the year. I'm chuffed.