Monday, 22 March 2010

Lee Child Competition

(Pictured above, Lee Child, writer and handsome devil.)

David Torrans of No Alibis got in touch with me this morning to offer some giveaway tickets to the Lee Child event in Belfast on Wednesday night (full venue and ticket information here). There are five of these beauties up for grabs.

Since we're strapped for time, I'm going to keep the competition simple. First five people to comment on this post get a ticket. Because you might want to bring a significant other with you, I'll allow a maximum of two entries. Simply comment twice if you want two.

Entrants will need to make their way to No Alibis to collect their tickets before the event (and do Dave a favour -- don't leave it to the last minute, please).

Also, you should know that Brian McGilloway is interviewing Child. How could you not want a ticket to that?

Get in there!

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