Wednesday 8 April 2009

One Thing After Another

After a ridiculously long bout with some badass cold germs, I'm all better, but still not back into the normal swing of things blog-wise. You see, a lot of what I post here is either written or researched during my lunch break at work. Unfortunately, a humongous virus has killed the network there and I no longer have internet access at the office. Jesus wept!

I could blog at night time, but that's when I give priority to my own fiction writing and I'm neck deep in the final act of my novel-in-progress, so I'll have to keep gunning away at that.

So, regular service has yet to return. We'll get there soon, though.

In the meantime, Declan Burke has covered the NI crime scene pretty damn well in this great interview with Colin Bateman. Another eloquent title from Burke too.


seana graham said...


Colds and internet meltdown? This just really isn't the way you want to go viral.

I commend you for your disciplined use of time, and hope you're doing something healthy on your lunchbreak in the interim, like jogging or meditation or something, but hope to see you able to post your blog in good conscience again soon.

Unknown said...

You've got some serious issues going on for yourself, Gerard. But the novel needs to take priority. By the way, I'm going to contradict Seana, and I hope you're doing copious amounts of drinking or crack smoking on your lunch hour. (Kidding, of course, the crack just screws with the lungs something fierce when you have a cold.)All the same, blog when you can and try getting in as many pages on the new book as you can

seana graham said...

Well, Keith, the truth is that my friends have often counseled me, 'Seana, use your powers for good.' So I try. But if I really was was aiming to lead Gerard astray, I would advice him to drink and do crack while he was writing his novel. But I'm not like that.

Really, I'm not.

marco said...

So your cold case was difficult to solve?

(someone had to say it)

jerrygordon said...

WIP first. Blog second. Sleep third. Hope you feel better soon.

Peter Rozovsky said...

A virus and a cold. Ye gods!
Detectives Beyond Borders
“Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

Uriah Robinson said...

No internet access and a cold! Hang in there man it can only get better.