Monday 27 April 2009

Fifty Grand Day

I thought Adrian McKinty's Fifty Grand was set for release in May, but according to the author's latest blog post, it's available as of today! This is great news and I urge you all to rush out and buy it. Now. Right now. It's a masterpiece.

Not convinced? Well, then, have a look at the post below for a more detailed review.

And Seana Graham has a further ten very good reasons to buy it over at her place.


Mack said...

Amazon sent me a note this weekend that my pre-order has been shipped so I'm pretty excited. So excited that I will move it to the top of my TBR stack when it arrives.

Gerard Brennan said...

Mack - I second you notion. Start reading before the torn-open padded envelope hits the floor.



adrian mckinty said...


Thanks for the plug, man!

Yeah I'm always a bit surprised when the books are actually released. The release date is fluid but also you never think its actually going to happen but then by some miracle it does.

Hey Mack thanks for getting the book, I hope you like it!

seana graham said...

Thanks for the link, Gerard. I'm still in a bit of a tight situation over there because of reason number 11, but if everyone just orders up, I am sure McKinty will forget all about this foolish hostage idea. I think if he makes about fifty grand on this one, the world is really going to be a safer place.

Michael Stone said...

I was lucky enough to win an ARC of this book. I read it last week and it rocks. It gets an unequivocal 5 stars from me.

Gerard Brennan said...

Adrian - No worries. I'm hoping for my own miracle some day.

Seana - Let's hope he hits that magic number, then.

Mike - I completely agree. Your comment gets 5 stars.