Wednesday 25 February 2009

Stuart Neville -- From The United States of America To Armagh City Library

Stuart Neville has just released the cover design for the US release of his debut novel, The Ghosts of Belfast (AKA The Twelve in the UK). Ain't it pretty? Pretty creepy.

Check out his blog post and see what he thinks of it.

Stuart also talks about the journey from Word document to ARC in said post. It's got a real Cat's in the Cradle feel to it. But I think it's good to see he's savouring every giddy moment. The best of luck to him.

He's also due to appear at Armagh City Library on Thursday 26th of February at 7:30pm. He'll be reading from The Twelve. There's also a chance to win an ARC the tome. I'd almost make the trip myself for a crack at that, but I've yet to perfect my flux capacitor, so I'll have to give it a miss. Bummer.


Michael Stone said...

In light of the unread book mountain I won't be buying many books this year ("Yeah, right," says the missus) but The Twelve is a definite purchase. I think I prefer that to The Ghosts of Belfast. Perhaps Belfast in a title isn't exotic/evocative to a British reader the same as it is for a US reader.

Let's see...
The Ghosts of Glasgow?
The Ghosts of Hull?
The Ghosts of New York?
Hmm, interesting!

So there you go, my scientifically rigorous survey proves that Belfast in the title will work in the US but not in the UK.

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - I think you scientific approach may have some merit. Like... The Ghosts of Lima... Yeah, that's got legs too.