Tuesday 20 January 2009

Tales from the Sweety Bottle - The Missus

Click the above image to read. This is the third of a six-part series of stories based on Brennan family anecdotes. The Sweety Bottle was a Lower Falls shebeen ran by my grandfather in the seventies. The Missus first appeared in the Andersonstown News on Saturday 17th January 2009.

Copyright ⓒ Gerard Brennan 2009


marco said...

"This particular brandy is forty pence a glass,son.The best in the West" And for all I knew,the Russian label said that exactly.

"Do you want me to take food out of the kids' mouth too?
There's nine of them,now"
"Eleven" Eileen said
"I wasn't counting the ones out of the house," I said.Pretty quick thinking on my part.


Very nice story.You have a smart grandma.

Gerard Brennan said...

Marco - Thanks very much for the comment, mate. She was indeed smart. And a tough cookie too.



Michael Stone said...

Nice work, mate. The next one sounds intriguing. 'The Mexican'.

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - Thanks for reading. Yeah, The Mexican. I think you'll enjoy the origin of the title.