Thursday 23 October 2008

On Point

Apart from a snippet or two, there's been very little going on here at CSNI this week. And after all the momentum I'd built up in the last few weeks, it seems a shame that I've let things slow down so much. But I haven't just been slacking off, I swear. This week, I threw myself into the second draft of my screenplay, The Point. And I'm done with it! So, after a day or two of chilling, normal service should resume soon.

My next writing project will be to sign up for NaNoWriMo in the hopes that it'll kickstart the novel I began earlier this year. It's been sitting at 12K words for months now, and I really need to get it moving. I'm not really a 50K in one month kind of writer, as I tend to edit as I write, but I need to shake things up. Plus, Ian Sansom is running NaNoWriMo workshops at Queen's University in the month of November and Stuart Neville is doing a talk at one of the sessions, so it'll be CSNI relevant too!

But that's for next month. For now, I'm having a wee drink.

So, sláinte.

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