Saturday 16 August 2008

Book Shopping

I just can't be trusted in book shops. Especially No Alibis. I mean, looking at Mount TBR, the last thing I need is more books. All I intended to do was introduce a visiting chum to one of my favourite shops. I'd no intention of picking up anything, except that signed hardback of Adrian McKinty's Hidden River. Unfortunately, the assistant couldn't find it, so I should have left it at that. But no. I started browsing.

I got a signed hardback of Brian McGilloway's Gallows Lane, Carlo Gébler's A Good Day for a Dog and The Dust of Death by Paul Charles. And that was me showing restraint! I put back books by KT McCafferty, Ken Bruen, James Ellroy and many, many others.

Anyway, that's three more NI crime books that'll be reviewed in due course.


adrian mckinty said...


No worries. Our stuff is supposed to finally arrive from Denver next week, so I'll hoke through and send you an HR.


Gerard Brennan said...

Adrian - Really? Fantastic! Thanks.

Might please you to know that David was totally sold out of DIWMB. As far as I could remember he'd a tonne of those last time I was in. Oh, and my friend bought The Dead Yard, but is under strict instruction to get himself a copy of DIWMB before reading it and The Bloomsday Dead (which he already had a copy of). Think he got the last paperback copy of that too.



Michael Stone said...

Gerard- I promise, first thing tomorrow, DIWMB will be on order at my local bookshop. Slightly disappointed not to come away with the full trilogy in my flight bag, but at least it gives me the chance to finish Lucy Caldwell's 'Where They Were Missed'.

And hey, thanks for a great weekend in NI.

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - More than welcome, mate. And I'm sure Adrian will be pretty chuffed to have picked up another fan. Lucy too.

My work here is done.