Monday 4 August 2008

Mystery Man - Sample Chapters on Bateman's Blog!!!

Hey, you!

Jonesing for a Bateman fix? Need something to read while you chomp on that ham sandwich? Why don't you visit his blog and read chapters one and two of the unreleased Mystery Man (set in the excellent No Alibis bookshop)?

Yes! Bateman has updated his blog. That's twice this month, and it's only the 4th. Could he be going for a record? I hope so.

A couple of days ago he blogged about the award his children's book, Titanic 2020, scooped. Well done, sir! I actually have a copy of this at home. Might have to take a break from hard-boiled crime and give it a read soon.


Michael Stone said...

I recall you introducing me to Mr Bateman by directing me to 'Mrs McGeary's Leather Trousers' a year ago. 'Mystery Man' bears more than a passing resemblance. Should be good!

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - Aye, that's right. Flippin' heck, time flies.

Just read the chapters. They're pretty darn tootin'.


adrian mckinty said...

Fortunately I have never met Mr B. but (his blog picture to one side) I imagine that he's bald, obese and his CD collection includes Ace of Base and Europe. Surely the gods wont have given him everything?

Gerard Brennan said...

Adrian - I'm willing to buy into that.



Colin said...

McKinty's name is in the Ledger. Come the day of judgement.