Wednesday 15 January 2014

Sinéad Morrissey, Congratulations

Yes, CSNI is a couple of days behind the excitement, but I felt it had to be repeated. Congratulations to Sinéad Morrissey on her latest stunning achievement. She is The TS Eliot prize for poetry 2013 winner!

I'm pressed for time today, but if you want to know more about the Belfast-based poet, here's a Q&A from The Guardian.

Adrian McKinty has more to say in a blog post on the Belfast Poet Laureate (which is useful, considering the blog intends to focus on Northern Irish crime fiction):

"I'm not always ahead of the curve but with Sinead Morrissey I have been. I've been banging on about her for the last five years on this blog. Her collection Parallax was one of my books of the year and I was delighted when she was picked as Belfast's first ever poet laureate..." Click here for the rest

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