Tuesday 2 July 2013

Val and Pals

Left to right: Eamonn MCann, Garbhan Downey and Desmond J. Doherty

Derry lawyer launches debut crime novel

Desmond J. Doherty, one of Ireland’s leading human rights lawyers, has turned to crime – crime writing, that is.

The Derry solicitor’s fast-paced debut novel ‘Valberg’, which is published by Guildhall Press and supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, will be launched by the veteran journalist Eamonn McCann on Thursday 27 June.

Set in contemporary Derry, it features damaged detective Jon Valberg and his colleagues on the trail of a brutal assassin, who is creating mayhem around the historic city-centre.

“This is a particularly atmospheric city to set crime fiction,” said Doherty. “There are so many fascinating locations that can serve as a backdrop for the action – the city walls, the old Elizabethan churches and many other historic landmarks.

“In all, eight murders take place in the city in the space of a week, committed by a man who is seeking revenge on various individuals he believes have inflicted a serious wrong on him.

“There’s a challenge for the reader here to get inside the mind of a killer and see if you could agree with what he’s done – or have any type of empathy at all with him.”

‘Valberg’ is the first of a trilogy. The sequel is already completed, and Doherty is currently putting the finishing touches to book three.

Fiction-writing, however, is a considerable departure from the author’s busy work schedule, which includes running his own law firm and serving as a member of international courts, such as the Special Tribunal for the Lebanon and the International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia. Doherty has previously been a representative at high-profile inquests and at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. He also was involved in the Iraqi Special Tribunal and the inquiry into the Dublin/Monaghan bombings.

‘Valberg’ is also be available in eBook form for Kindle.

Guildhall Press are releasing a number of video trailers, developed at the new Digital Arts Studio in Rath Mor, as part of the book's promotional package. These include interviews with the author and can be viewed on the new book's bespoke website http://www.jonvalberg.com

‘Valberg’ by Desmond J. Doherty is published by Guildhall Press – http://www.ghpress.com

END 24 June 2013