Thursday, 6 June 2013

Now with blurbs!

Wee Danny by Gerard Brennan

Wee Danny

by Gerard Brennan

Incarcerated in a home for young offenders, Wee Danny Gibson has learned how to act in front of his teachers, his educational psychologist and the institute's supervisors. And if he continues to keep his nose clean, he could be rewarded with a day-trip to Castle Ward.

But good behaviour is no easy task when his fellow inmates are determined to get in his face. Then there’s Conan 'The Barbarian' Quinlan, a gentle giant who Danny feels compelled to look out for.

Friend or liability? Danny can't be sure, but he knows he needs to stay focussed on that little taste of freedom.

If you've read Wee Rockets, you'll love Wee Danny!

The Point by Gerard Brennan

The Point

by Gerard Brennan

Paul Morgan is a bad influence on his brother, Brian.

When Paul crosses one thug too many, the cider-fuelled duo flee Belfast for Warrenpoint, the sleepy seaside resort of their childhood memories.

For Brian, a new life in The Point means going straight and falling in love with Rachel - while Paul graduates from carjacking by unusual means to low-level racketeering.

Brian can't help being dragged into his brother’s bungling schemes, but Rachel can be violently persuasive herself...

And she isn’t the only one who wants to see an end to Paul’s criminal career.

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