Sunday 9 December 2012

Publicity Fail!

So, two weeks since I got my FIREPROOF themed tattoo and there's been absolutely no perceptible spike in sales for the ebook (I'm judging this by casual checks of the Amazon ranking -- haven't bothered checking with Blasted Heath). Two local papers reported on the publicity stunt and published pics of my tattoo. The bigger papers weren't interested in the end. I almost got a radio interview and some TV coverage but that didn't pan out. A few people saw pics of the tattoo on Facebook and Twitter but to the best of my knowledge, those are the folks that already have copies of the book.

PR guru I am not. I think I'll leave the marketing to the publisher from now on.

But am I pissed off by this epic fail?

Nah, I got a badass tattoo at the end of the day. See me smilin'?


seana graham said...

You have to think long term, gb. Just think how many people will ask you about it over the years and decades to come.

I have started the book and am very much enjoying it, though have another seemingly endless reading obligation that may prevent me from finishing it and posting a review very soon. As you say, I already had the book, though.

Michael Stone said...

Who's the skinny fella in the pic? Is that wee brother of your's, gb?

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks, Seana! Hope you enjoy the book when you have the time.

And think long term... Yeah, it's something Al at Blasted Heath says quite often. There is no shelf-life for an ebook after all.


Gerard Brennan said...

That's Boom Boom Brennan right there, Mike. The product of a local boxing club. Half the man I used to be. :)