Friday 23 November 2012

New Ink

My latest tattoo was inspired by my novel, FIREPROOF, with a hat-tip to the publisher that believed in the wacky story, Blasted Heath.

I'm a true heathen.


UPDATE 25/11/12

The lovely Mrs B pointed out earlier today that I'll need to sell way more books to cover the cost of this tattoo. Maybe I'm not the marketing genius I thought I was...

Buy ALL my books, please.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

I need the royalties.


Anonymous said...

Nice design, mate. Is there no limit to your self-promotion!? Ink me impressed. :)

seana graham said...


I have to say that if you ever have to flee Northern Ireland for any reason, you would do well in Santa Cruz, just based on the tattoo alone...

Gerard Brennan said...

Cheers, Mike!

"There are no limits. There are plateaus..." Bruce Lee


Gerard Brennan said...

Seana, I'd love to move to California. Can't persuade Mrs B, though. Might try taking a holiday over there in the near future, see if that sways her any.


Paul D Brazill said...


Anonymous said...

Great tattoo, dude. Who did it for you?


Gerard Brennan said...

Cheers, Wayne! It was Jim at Belfast City Skinworks. Great artist and an awesome conversationalist.