Thursday 15 December 2011

Culture NI

I'm getting a bit of attention over at Culture NI. And they were kind enough to feature both the digital reading from Wee Rockets and this here Blasted Heath vid.

What with this and the radio bit with Arts Extra I'm feeling like Media-Man today. Thank the higher power that so many other people have the talents that allow me to show up and start talking, eh? I'd never get so many opportunities to spread the word about my books without those kind souls in my life. Thank you all.


Michael Stone said...

Enjoyed watching you on the vid, mate. Interesting to see the real streets you write so well about.

And it's nice to see you're catching me up in the grey hairs dept to. ;)

Oh, this is too good not to mention. My v-word is plugg. I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

Culture NI rules - just won a competition with them for doing their survey. Happy days.

Gerard Brennan said...

Mike - Cheers, mate!

Those grey hairs... I call 'em natural highlights.

Plugg... so apt.

Paul - Yes it does! My favourite arts resource by a country mile. Did you snag those Amazon vouchers, then? Congrats. Great prize.




seana graham said...

Claustrophobic or close knit, depending on your perspective.

I loved the video and am looking forward to reading Wee Rockets, though I'm also just a little bit scared.

As for the gray, well, my dad and all his family started going gray at about 18, and they all looked terrific in it. It seems to be an Irish thing.

Gerard Brennan said...

Thanks, Seana. It was a fun experience and hopefully it'll draw a little extra attention.

Aye, maybe it is an Irish thing? I got my first few grey hairs in my early twenties. They've really taken over now. They pace upped after the kids came along. Coincidence...? Yeah, probably. Still surprises me when I see it in photos and such, though.


seana graham said...

My dad dyed his hair with cheap dye as a joke once. Everyone in the office thought he had done it for real and no one said a thing to him. Completely backfired.

I didn't get the Graham side hair, unfortunately.